When I Turn Back I Saw You Were Smiling...

Everyone has their own memory that comes from their past and unknown future. There is only one clear image that appears like flashback in their minds. One is turning back and another is smiling…This is the story about memory of that glimpse image…

Konsept & Koreografi /Concept & Choreography: Sernaz Demirel – Tan Temel
Dansçılar / Dancers: Wina Tang, Bobby Leong
Müzik ve Ses Tasarım / Music and Sound Design: Halil İmik
Işık Tasarım / Light Design: Calvin Lam
Tanıtım Filmi / Teaser Videographer: Ao Leong
Prodüksiyon / Producer: PP hONG
Sahne Yönetimi / Stage Manager: Fai Fai
Prömüyer / Premier: Aralık 2016